Incahuasi Salar -Argentina

The Inchuasi Salar and basin in the Salta province of northwestern Argentina supports conditions for quality lithium mines at depth. This basin is impacted by the Cerro Aracar and Pular volcanos, contributing lithium to the salt through aquifers. Easily accessible by road, with no indigenous communities nearby, this region has been substantially explored and shows the lithium brines are close to the surface.

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Incahuasi Salar the “Lithium Triangle

Incahuasi Salar is located in the Province of Salta, located approximately 45 kilometers from the township of Tolar Grande, Argentina.

45KM from town of Tolar Grande, 267km from Salta, volcanoes Cerro Aracar, Pular contributing lithium to the salar through aquifers. Close to famous lithium salars such as Arizaro (Lithium Chile), Pocitos (Ganfeng Recharge Resources), Rincon (Rio Tinto), Pozuelos, Pular, Cauchari- Olaroz (Allkem/Livent). Neighbours include Ganfeng, Allkem, Power Minerals on Incahuasi salar.

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