Black Rock South- Nevada

Black Rock Desert basin is about 110 km long and up to 25 km wide at the widest point. The central playa measures about 50 km northeast – southwest and 10 km southeast – northwest. The western arm of the Black Rock Desert covers an area of about 2,000 square kilometers and contains 5 of the 30 currently listed Known Geothermal Resource Areas in Nevada.

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BlackRock South Lithium Project

The Blackrock South lithium brine project is located 72 miles north of the Tesla Gigafactory, 93 miles southwest of Thacker Pass, and 215 miles northwest of the United States’ only producing lithium mine, the Silver Peak lithium brine mine owned by Albemarle Corp. The claims cover a conceptual target for lithium brines which is very similar to the published geology of the Clayton Valley lithium brine production area approximately 200 miles to the southeast. The concept is consistent with generally accepted data and theories about the formation of lithium brine resources. The target area is lithium — brines hosted in basin-fill sediments. Recent 2024 phase 1 sampling program returned an average grade of 131 ppm with a high of 180.5 ppm lithium.

With the only producing Lithium Mine Abermarle’s Silver Pein North America being a Nevada brine project the company decided to focus on other brine projects in Nevada. The company is focused on DLE technologies which requires less water input and actually filters out the Lithium and other products and can return the water back into aquifers.

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